Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

WHAT IS GOING ON: Weird strange sky above. Abnormal rare phenomenon seen.

"WHAT IS GOING ON: Weird strange sky above. Abnormal rare phenomenon seen.
Some rich leaders have manipulated our weather in a long time now. For those who do not know what this means, please study and google Geo-engineering, Chemtrails and HAARP too. There are very interesting subjects but requires that you take the time to understand what we see above us in the sky.

In the video I am sure that the 2 colored clouds with fine systematic patterns are not created at the natural way. It is evident that this is man-made work of art in the sky as a result of spray with chemtrails and project HAARP in cooperation.

Nano particles form fields in the clouds with a completely different chemical substances than the chemical particles as the rest of the cloud consists is made of. I conclude that the Chemtrails has had the contents of nano. It could benefit separating the content which planes have sprayed. HAARP technology has influenced the formation of these clouds as they have ability to heat up small areas of patchy, and have a manipulative effect on this skies. Very nice and scary. I have seen something similar before and also videos on YouTube, but I have never in my life seen anything where there has been so much experimental control of the situation.
I'm not saying this is so, but the best option for the existence of it in this case is like that. We know and can see that they are geoengineering our sky and we know what HAARP can do. This is perhaps the closest we get the truth. Because this is absolutely not natural born.
And those responsible must be held accountable one day. 

Thank you for watching this video..."

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