Sonntag, 17. März 2013


Quelle: TheTrueRae

"Very well done, children expose the sky crimes with some help from the adults. Very useful to reach a wider audience as we do all breath the same air. More children than ever before suffer from asthma and allergies and other conditions linked to the use of Chemtrails and HAARP Tesla technolgy used by the powers that be. Vaccines and GMO, big Pharma , a standardised education system and EMF from Wifi, mobiles and cordless phones together with smart meters and many other dangers harm our children and all of us....the elites have their protections and are well informed....we need to do the same....self educate and raise awareness...put the unity back into community( the planet) and unite to change the corporate system into a we the people cooperate system.....No more FEAR......PEACE 4 ALL"

  • Chemtrails Weltweit

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Ich habe schon Bluttests machen lassen.
Erhöhte Aluminiumwerte, doch dem Arzt war es egal...
25€ kostet der Spass.

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